Podcast Launch 2020!

At 4 Elements, we’ve been involved in high performance building since 2008.  At that time, few people stopped to even consider the concept of high performance building in a residential context in a Canadian climate.  The few builders and individuals who did were very much on the fringes of the residential construction industry.  A little over a decade later, things have started to change but still, few people really understand the challenges and constraints that come with building high performance buildings in cold climates.
At 4 Elements, we work with both builders and homeowners, helping builders to build better and homeowners to understand the reasons behind the costs and timelines that can be associated with a better built home in a challenging climate.  Comfortable, high performing homes can be done in cold climates, but it takes both parties to understand and agree on the priorities.
Building high performing homes in a cold climate is the Olympics of construction.   

The podcast series launched today will begin with homeowner education on a variety of topics, starting with improvements that can be made to existing homes.  We hope to have the opportunity in the future to invite guests who specialize in different areas of the industry to discuss the challenges and opportunities that they see in the high performance residential field, as well as professionals in other fields, such as health care, engineering and finances, to help give a broader picture of what all players in the industry, including the homeowners, are facing.
Episodes in Cue:
Killing You Softly with CO Part 2
Tour of LEED Platinum House

As we move into the next phase of podcast development, we’ll include more detailed, technical knowledge intended for builders and trades who are looking to improve the performance of the buildings they work on, helping as many people as possible to move from standard building techniques to best practice, without the guesswork.

Look forward to:
Figuring out Home Comfort
The basics of a building a “Pretty Good House”
“All in” on Net Zero Energy, a closer look at CHBA Net Zero Energy Label
We will launch multiple episodes that have a common thread once a quarter, so download all of them and rest easy for the next 3 months.

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