Green Building and Beer Spring 2020

Come join the 4E team for informal education and networking opportunity.
We want to bring together our favorite builders, trades and suppliers for little
green building shop talk. Tyler will have a short presentation (with a mic this
time, and projector!), then we will debate, sketch, argue and figure it out.

Green Building and Beer
Spring 2020
Getting Back to Foundations

Why and how to stop using poly in basement walls.
Best practice says poly is risking moisture trapping in basementwalls, but most builders continue to use - how can we address thislooming issue?

A better way to do Walkout Slab connections
This has been a tricky detail with competing needs ofstructural support and insulation - what are the options and whatmight work best?
Lets get real about Radon.
Consumers and industry are now well aware of the risks but radonexposure is still "buyer beware" in housing. At the same timeexpensive remediation is being sold to worried homeowners - isthere a smarter way to tackle Radon safely and cost effectively?
February 20th, 3-5pm
227 35 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 2K5

We can't guarantee seats, but we can guarantee a break from the grind and a good
discussion. You might even learn something.

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