The Home Energy Plan has been closed

The Home Energy Plan has been closed

Unfortunately, after an email sent this morning by Energy Efficiency Alberta, the Home Energy Plan has been closed. As our valued clients, we are sending this email because you had a Pre-Evaluation with us and we are offering the opportunity to book your Post-Evaluation before the closing deadline.

You won't need a Post-Evaluation if you completed Common Upgrades: replacing a furnace, for example, with a certified contractor. The rebates in this case will be handled without an Energy Advisor. However, if you have completed any work yourself or with a contractor that is not certified with EEA, you will need the Post-Evaluation in order to qualify for the rebates.

When you spoke to us during your evaluation or on the phone, we would have let you know that once you had the initial evaluation completed on your home, you would have 18 months to complete your renovations as per the HEP Terms and Conditions. This is no longer the case, all materials must be purchased by November 7, and Post-Evaluation completed by December 10th to be eligible and meet the timelines set out by the Home Energy Plan.  

If you have any concerns regarding the sudden cancellation of the Home Energy Plan or with the loss of the 18 month window to complete renovations as outlined in the Terms and Conditions of the HEP Program, we recommend that you contact Jason Nixon MLA, Minister of the Environment,  and your provincial and/or federal government representatives. (Find your MLA)

Energy Efficiency Alberta has published their annual report on how they were impacting Alberta's economy with their programs (see image above).

The City of Edmonton states that "energy efficiency is the cheapest and most effective way to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, which in turn, helps reduce our effect on climate change."

Other benefits of having an EnerGuide label:
  • Improve your comfort and living environment - Improving energy performance by upgrading insulation, heating and ventilation systems or windows will give you a home that is better insulated and air sealed. These types of upgrades can reduce cold spots, drafts and noise and provide more even temperatures and cleaner air in your home.
  • Learn how your home can save you money - An evaluation can take the guesswork out of which upgrades would work best for your home and save you most on utility bills.
  • Invest in your home and get value in return - Also, the energy performance improvements you make and an EnerGuide label to prove it can be an important selling point to prospective buyers. It may show the home’s performance has been improved which in turn reduces the utility costs for any future occupants.
  • Empower your community - Improve the energy performance of your home and become part of the solution for using energy efficiently and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Be ready - position yourself to apply for future incentives from various levels of government

The last day to make purchases is November 7th

Energy Efficiency Alberta will not accept any receipts for products that are purchased after this date.

The last day for a Post-Evaluation is December 10th

This is the latest we can perform the second blower door test, and review your energy model. This is to ensure we can submit your information to NRCan properly and update your profile on EEA's portal.

Please let us know if you wish to book your post evaluation so that we can accommodate your appointment as soon as possible.