4Elements and MyHEAT offering free energy evaluations to Affordable Housing Providers

Energy efficiency in affordable housing is a key issue.  Rising energy costs are stressing existing operational budgets, while energy poverty risks adding more need for affordable housing solutions.  While new affordable housing projects garner much excitement and attention on all levels of government and in the public sphere, maintaining and updating existing homes is arguably more important.  MyHEAT inc has developed new technology utilizing airborne thermal scanning to provide valuable information about building performance across whole cities.  After a successful rollout focusing on single family homes across Alberta, this year MyHEAT is researching expanding the use of this tool beyond single family homes, into larger multifamily buildings.  MyHEAT is working with local energy efficiency experts at 4 Elements to provide onsite testing, thermography and energy modeling to assist in evaluating the use of the MyHEAT imagery as tool in assessing multifamily buildings.

To assist in this development, larger buildings are needed for case studies to better understand how building performance can be interpreted from the aerial thermal images gathered.  MyHEAT is looking to work with interested affordable housing organizations to have a detailed energy efficiency evaluation provided.  This valuable service will be provided at no cost and includes:

- Interior and exterior thermography to assess insulation 
- Blower door testing to assess air tightness
- EnerGuide modeling and Label (MURB Single unit, or Whole Building)
- Comparison of onsite findings to aerial thermography provided by MyHEAT
- Summary Report of Findings

Eligible Buildings:
- Located in Calgary, Medicine Hat or Okotoks
- Building must be 3 storeys or less in height
- Building must contain stacked units, such as small apartment buildings

Interested affordable housing groups must be able to provide:
- Coordinated access to occupied units
- Supervision during the assessments (2 to 6 hours depending on building size)
- Release of images and information gathered to be used in public case-studies and marketing.  Address, organization information or other personal information will not be released. 
- Deadline to express interest is March 27, 2019.

4 Elements has over 10 years of experience in the testing and evaluation of energy performance of multifamily buildings, completing over 100 evaluations on housing of this type and over 500 single family homes.  The findings provided in this project will be valuable tools for planning future renovation work, applying for grants and raising awareness of the efficiency needs in existing affordable housing.  

We request that any interested not-for-profit affordable housing provider reach out to 4 Elements to discuss this opportunity to collaborate.  Email us at info@4elements.eco

We are happy to answer any questions and discuss the project in more detail.  More information about MyHEAT is available here:  MyHeat.ca, and the previous case-study project is posted here:  https://myheat.ca/case-studies