Net Zero Energy Training


Just reminding folks of the Net Zero Energy trading we are doing at SAIT next week for the CHBA.  One day session is going to cover Program and Technical aspects of the CHBA’s new Net Zero labeling program.  Later in the spring we will be offering new dates for the R2000 Builder Training for those builders who’s training has expired.  If your R2000 Builder status is current, all you’ll need is this one day session to allow you begin building CHBA Net Zero Energy homes. 

March 3rd 9-5 @ SAIT

Registration is now open and can be paid directly by calling EnerVision 780-701-1722 or 1-866-871-7563. 

Session includes lunch and refreshments for $249/person

More information is here:

Let me know if you have any questions as I will be co-teaching.  It should be a informative and interesting session to kick off this exciting new green building standard. 


Tyler Hermanson, Director 
LEED Green Rater/QAD, CEA, Arch. Tech.